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A Timeline of Regina Scott's Books

Before the Official Regency and in England

  • At Christmas Eve 1802, young Mary Rose orchestrates a party to bring her beau, Julian Mayes, up to scratch, proving that a lady should "Always Kiss at Christmas."
  • In the summer of 1804, as Napoleon threatens to invade England, the esteemed hostess of the spa in the coastal village of Grace-by-the-Sea, Jesslyn Chance, uncovers skullduggery and a love for her former beau, Larkin Denby, in The Matchmaker's Rogue.
  • That same summer, honorable magistrate James Howland discovers a woman hiding in his ancestral castle and finds himself becoming The Heiress's Convenient Husband to spirited Eva Faraday.
  • Later that summer, Dr. Linus Bennett matches wits with French spies and the strong-willed painter Abigail Archer as he tries to become The Artist's Healer.
  • As autumn and the annual Harvest Fair arrive in Grace-by-the-Sea, Drake, the new Earl of Howland, realizes he is falling in love with bluestocking Rosemary Denby and in danger of becoming The Governess's Earl.
  • Amid stormy autumn weather in Grace-by-the Sea, Hester Todd unexpectedly reunites with her first love Rob, now Viscount Peverell, who wonders whether he would win her love anew as The Lady's Second-Chance Suitor.
  • With Napoleon closing in, Captain Quillan St. Claire finds himself drawn to spunky French singer Marie-Louise Fortier and finds himself becoming The Siren's Captain.
  • Before the Season in 1805, Arthur, Lord Everard dies, leaving the Everard legacy to a daughter no one knew he had and causing his former heir presumptive, Jerome Everard, to confront and fall in love with the girl's governess in The Rogue's Reform.
  • Shortly thereafter, the requirements of his uncle's will force Captain Richard Everard to seek aid from his long-lost love Lady Claire Winthrop in The Captain's Courtship.
  • During the Season in 1805, poet and swordsman Vaughn Everard finally manages to uncover his uncle's killer and lose his heart to the dashing Imogene Devary in The Rake's Redemption.
  • In October 1805, the Battle of Trafalgar puts an end to Napoleon's dreams of invading England.


  • On February 5, with George III insane, George IV (Prinny) is declared Regent, thus officially starting the Regency period.
  • For much of the year, the Great Comet blazes across the night sky.
  • In the summer, Meredee Price tries to hide in Scarborough and ends up attracting the attention of the powerful Chase Dearborn, Earl of Allyndale, in The Irresistible Earl.
  • In the fall, Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam comes to claim his new estate of Blackcliff Hall and finds his honor and his true love in the estate manager's daughter Gwen Allbridge in An Honorable Gentleman.


  • In January, Jane Kimball learns to Never Doubt a Duke when the mysterious Miss Thorn and her feline companion Fortune bring her to serve as governess for the three daughters of the widowed Alaric, Duke of Wey.
  • In March, Patience Ramsey decides it is better to Never Borrow a Baronet after agreeing to a false engagement with charming spy Sir Harry Orwell.
  • Darkly handsome Lord Byron publishes Childe Harold's Pilgrimage, which is an instant success.
  • In April, to hide from her nemesis, former spy Yvette de Maupassant pretends to be the companion to an ailing countess, only to discover that the woman's son Gregory, Earl of Carrolton, has depths she did not expect in Never Envy an Earl.
  • In May, Lydia Villers learns she should Never Vie for a Viscount when she is reunited with her former love Frederick, Viscount Worthington, in an attempt to become a scientist in her own right.
  • In June, Charlotte Worthington tries to teach Sir Matthew Bateman that he should Never Kneel to a Knight, without revealing her true feelings for the former pugilist.
  • The United States declares war after suffering under England's naval blockade.
  • In July and August, Ivy Bateman joins the Marquess of Kendall in a marriage of convenience for the sake of his ailing baby daughter but wonders whether she should Never Marry a Marquess.
  • At Christmas, Alan Pentercast challenges the love of his life, Genevieve Munroe, to marry him if he can bring her all the gifts in The Twelve Days of Christmas song without spending a penny in My True Love Gave to Me.


  • The first "Regency romance," Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is published (although she would not have called them romances, a term reserved for high adventure then, and in her day, they were contemporary stories).
  • During the Season, Alexander Wescott, Viscount Borin, goes looking for espionage and instead discovers the interesting machinations of the spritely Katherine Collings in The Husband Mission.
  • In June, the Battle of Vittoria ends Napoleon's conquests, for now.
  • During the summer, Samantha, Lady Everard, returns to say goodbye to her beloved home before she loses it to a stipulation of her father's will, only to find herself falling in love with the one man who should despise her, their neighbor William Wentworth, Earl of Kendrick, in The Heiress's Homecoming.
  • From the Season through the fall, Allison Munroe leads the Marquis DeGuis, the season's most eligible bachelor, a merry chase, until she begins to wonder about her neighbor, the gallant Geoffrey Pentercast in The Rogue Next Door.


  • In April, Napoleon is banished to Elba and an estimated 12,000 British civilians flock to Paris to play.
  • During the Season, Allistair Fenwick, Lord Trevithan, struggles to give up his exciting espionage career for the charms of the lovely Joanna Lindby in The June Bride Conspiracy.
  • During the Season and summer, Thomas, Marquis DeGuis, vows to find himself a bride who will not mind The Marquis' Kiss but ends up losing his heart to the highly Original Margaret Munroe.
  • In November, diplomats at the Congress of Vienna begin to carve up Napoleon's former holdings.
  • At Christmas, impoverished Eleanor Grasland reminds her former love, retired Major Sir Percival Nightincourt, of "A Light in the Darkness" in the anthology Premiere.


  • On March 7, having escaped Elba, Napoleon lands in France and heads for Paris, growing an army as he goes.
  • Just before Easter, American David Tenant, Earl of Brentfield, and lovely artist Hannah Alexander find themselves up to their hearts in Secrets and Sensibilities, requiring the aid of intrepid sleuth, Lady Emily Southwell.
  • As the Season begins Lady Emily Southwell and her three friends must discover whether a handsome lord has more up his sleeve than a nicely muscled arm in La Petite Four, now Art and Artifice.
  • But Priscilla Tate, the toast of London, has more to concern her when blackmail notes begin arriving, so she calls in the aid of Lady Emily before disaster strikes in Ballrooms and Blackmail.
  • Bluestocking Ariadne Courdebas never thought she'd play the heroine in her own romantic novel until a chance encounter with handsome intelligence agent Jason Sinclair pulled her into the world of espionage in Eloquence and Espionage.
  • During the Season, debonair spy Kevin Whattling decides to make the educated heiress Eugennia Welch his bride in The Heiress Objective.
  • That summer, so he can play father to her three sons, Daniel Lewiston proposes marriage to the woman of his dreams, the widowed Cynthia Jacobs, making A Match for Mother.
  • On June 18, Wellington defeats Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo.
  • During the summer, the servants of the great houses in Dovecote Dale decide to play matchmaker, beginning with natural philosopher Sir Nicholas Rotherford and his pretty new nanny Emma Pyrmont, in The Courting Campaign.
  • Whitfield Calder, Earl of Danning, meets the outspoken jeweler's daughter Ruby Hollingsford when his valet invites three women to a house party at Whit's fishing lodge and insists he chose a bride in The Wife Campaign.
  • Shy Lady Amelia sets out to turn a marriage of convenience with tactiturn horseman John, Lord Hascot, into a joyful union in The Husband Campaign.
  • Amazon Daphne Courdebas, Lady Emily, and their friends return to Brentfield Manor with new friend Wynn Fairfax to investigate art thefts and find both Love and Larceny.
  • At Christmas, Eleanor Pritchett finds a small black kitten, and an unlikely romance with novelist Justinian Darby, Earl of Wenworth, in An Uncommon Christmas.


  • George "Beau" Brummell, the man who had once decreed the aristocracy's fashions, flees England to escape creditors.
  • No longer society's darling, Lord Byron also leaves England never to return alive.
  • In August, proper chaperone Katherine Chapworth enters into An Engagement of Convenience with reformed rake, Quentin Adair at a summer house party.


  • On July 18, Jane Austen dies.
  • On November 6, Princess Charlotte, then heir to the throne of England, dies with her stillborn son after a painful labor. The nation mourns.


  • Before the Season, the wild and wicked Chas Prestwick brings excitement to the life of the demur Anne Fairchild in more ways than one in The Unflappable Miss Fairchild.
  • Jane Austen's Northanger Abbey and Persuasion are published posthumously.


  • During the Season and summer, the powerful Parliamentarian Malcolm, Viscount Breckonridge, hunts for the perfect bride and finds the headstrong Sarah Compton in The Incomparable Miss Compton.
  • During the Season, affable and charming Leslie Petersborough, now Marquis of Hastings, steps out from under the shadows of his father and friends to help rapscallion Cleopatra Renfield find the right match in The Irredeemable Miss Renfield.
  • May 24 - The future Queen Victoria is born and shortly becomes the heir apparent.
  • In May, in an alternative reality in which Napoleon has used technology to remain in power, English inventor Loveday Penhale joins forces with The Emperor's Aeronaut, Celeste Blanchard, in a desperate attempt to save England.
  • In the summer, in the same alternative reality, Loveday and Celeste find themselves stranded in France and must thwart Napoleon's plans to invade by becoming The Prince's Pilot.
  • In the autumn and winter, in the same alternative reality, Loveday and Celeste face their biggest challenge yet, moving to London and proving their designs so they can defeat Napoleon once and for all in The Lady's Triumph.


  • On January 29, George III dies, but Prinny will not be crowned until July 19, 1821.
  • During the Season, long-time rake Jareth Darby tries to convince Eloisa Watkin, a former lover now turned lady, that he is utterly devoted in The Unwilling Miss Watkin.
  • From August to November, Prinny seeks to divorce Queen Caroline, whom he finds detestable, by having her tried by Parliament.


  • In May, the three daughters of the Duke of Wey and their best friend make a vow to see each other wed by harvest, but Lady Larissa discovers she should Never Pursue a Prince when the dashing Prince Otto Leopold masquerades as his twin brother, the Captain of the Batavarian Imperial Guard, only to fall for the lady himself.
  • In June, Larissa's sister, Callie, finds herself in over her head as she pretends an engagement to Fritz, Count Montalban, making her think she should Never Court a Count.
  • In August, Larissa and Callie's sister, Belle, learns that one should Never Romance a Rogue when she attempts to match the mysterious Owen Canady with her dear friend, Petunia Bateman, only to fall for the fellow herself.
  • In early September, Petunia Bateman vows that she will Never Love a Lord when Prince Otto Leopold grants her a title and asks her to convince the very gentleman who once spurned her, Lord Ashforde, to help them regain their lost kingdom.
  • In late September, governess Abigail Winchester learns she should Never Beguile a Bodyguard when Finn Huber, formerly of the Batavarian Imperial Guard, is assigned to protect her from someone bent on her downfall.
  • In October, spirited heiress Julia Hewett discovers she should Never Admire an Adventurer when she convinces her bodyguard, Kristof Tanner of the Batavarian Imperial Guard, to pretend an engagement with her.
  • Over Christmas, Thea, Countess of Alldene, realizes she should Never Hire a Hero when she enters into a marriage of convenience with soldier-turned-tutor, Stephen Roth.

Post-Regency and Across the Pond

  • 1861-1865, the Civil War devastates the United States.
  • In January 1866, Allegra Banks Howard unexpectedly collides with her first love Clay Howard as she attempts to take The Bride Ship to Seattle to start a new life.
  • In May 1866, nurse Catherine Stanway has an unexpected chance to play a Would-Be Wilderness Wife when logger Drew Wallin's younger brother kidnaps her to be Drew's bride on the family's farm outside Seattle.
  • In June 1866, schoolteacher Alexandrina Fosgrave struggles to keep from falling for the charming James Wallin, until they are stranded in the wilderness together outside Seattle and forced to claim a Frontier Engagement.
  • In October 1866, baker Maddie O'Rourke happily sends for her little brother and sister to come live with her, hardly expecting that they will bring with them the strapping Michael Haggerty and demand that Maddie and Michael marry to make an Instant Frontier Family.
  • In December 1866, shy seamstress Nora Underhill convinces cynical Simon Wallin that she can give him the land he needs if he will join her in A Convenient Christmas Wedding.
  • In 1871 Arizona, determined photographer Meg Pero finds she might have to go A Distance Too Grand when she wrangles her way onto the first U.S. Army survey of the North Rim of the Grand Canyon only to discover the leader of the expedition is Ben Coleridge, the man she once refused to marry.
  • In spring 1874, John Wallin is surprised to find his sister arranged pretty single-mother Dottie Tyrrell as a mail-order bride for him in Mail-Order Marriage Promise.
  • In December 1874, new minister Levi Wallin finds His Frontier Christmas Family in spirited Callie Murphy, her twin brothers, and her infant niece.
  • In March 1875, spunky Beth Wallin plays Frontier Matchmaker Bride to the man who once spurned her, Deputy Hart McCormick.
  • In the summer of 1876, Thomas "Scout" Rankin sends for The Perfect Mail-Order Bride, only to receive shy Ada Williamson, who doesn't look or act the part but who may hold the key to his heart.
  • In the late summer of 1876, Ciara O'Rourke discovers Her Frontier Sweethearts when she moves out to Wallin Landing to open a new restaurant and ends up helping logger Kit Weatherly raise the niece he never knew he had.
  • In the autumn of 1876, Katie Jo McAllister finds herself a Frontier Cinderella, when she dresses up for a friend's wedding at Wallin Landing and every man in miles, including handsome logger Harry Yeager, comes calling.
  • In late autumn, 1876, when shy logger Jesse Willets and schoolmarm Alice Dennison sit out a storm together overnight, they are forced into The Schoolmarm's Convenient Marriage and find themselves falling in love.
  • In 1886 Yellowstone National Park, sassy innkeeper Kate Tremaine agrees to help world-weary Lieutenant Will Prescott learn his way around the vast park and finds herself heading toward a love that is Nothing Short of Wondrous.
  • In 1893 Tacoma, savvy socialite Coraline Baxter seeks the aid of mountain man Nathan Hardee to guide her to the top of Mt. Rainier in hopes of raising awareness for women's rights, but the two soon find that only together can they discover A View Most Glorious.

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