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Cover for A Yuletide Regency anthology, featuring Always Kiss at Christmas, a Fortune's Brides prequel novella by historical romance author Regina Scott, showing the back of a lady in a green dress with a red sash and snow

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Thanks for visiting my home on the web. As the author of more than forty historical romances, I'd love to share my passion for history with you!

You'll find interesting articles on pasttimes and customs sprinkled among information about my clean historical romance books. Explore and enjoy!

Regina Scott


News for October

  • Preorder My Fortune's Brides Prequel. Always Kiss at Christmas in A Yuletide Regency Anthology tells the story of how Meredith Thorn first fell in love with her Julian over Christmas. You can preorder it now for delivery on November 2.
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  • Happy Halloween! Enjoy a safe, fun time with your family and friends.


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