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Thanks for visiting my home on the web. As the author of more than thirty historical Christian romances, I'd love to share my passion for history with you!

You'll find interesting articles on pasttimes and customs sprinkled among information about my clean historical romance books. Explore and enjoy!

Regina Scott


News for August

  • I'm updating and rereleasing some of my older books. The first up is The Unflappable Miss Fairchild, the start of the Uncommon Courtships series. Uncommon courtships, forever loves.
  • The second book in the Lone Star Cowboy League: The Founding Years, A Family for the Rancher by Louise M. Gouge, is out now. I know you'll love this story about a shy rancher finding a family all his own.
  • Two books are out for preorder. Check out A Rancher of Convenience, the final book in the Lone Star Cowboy League: The Founding Years set for 2016, and The Incomparable Miss Compton, book 2 in the Uncommon Courtships series. Both will be out officially in September. Order now, and have your copy delivered on release day.


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