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Thanks for visiting my home on the web. As the author of more than thirty historical Christian romances, I'd love to share my passion for history with you!

You'll find interesting articles on pasttimes and customs sprinkled among information about my clean historical romance books. Explore and enjoy!

Regina Scott


News for January

  • Happy New Year! I hope you have plenty of time to read in 2017. If you need a list of books to consider, try this printable list of my books.
  • Another book in The Marvelous Munroes series. I'm delighted that the second book in the series, Catch of the Season, is releasing January 12. Allison Munroe is determined to have her Season in London, but her heart keeps tugging her toward a certain country gentleman.
  • Free through January 14! The Unflappable Miss Fairchild, the first book in my Uncommon Courtships series, is free through January 14 at most online retailers.


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