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Cover of La Petite Four, a young adult novel by Regina Scott

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La Petite Four has now been rewritten into Book 2 of the Lady Emily Capers, Art and Artifice available from
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Regina Scott's La Petite Four is now available in ebook as Art and Artifice, Book 2 in the Lady Emily Capers.

La Petite Four

May 2008 (ISBN 1-59514-208-5, Penguin Razorbill)

Lady Emily Southwell and her three friends, Priscilla Tate and Daphne and Ariadne Courdebas, are known as La Petite Four because they are always together like cakes on a plate. They are determined that someday the world will speak in reverent tones of the year they made their debuts in London Society, starting with an elaborate ball. Lady Emily is equally determined to take her rightful place among the famous artists of the Royal Society for the Beaux Arts. That is, until Lord Robert Townsend shows up intending to marry her and whisk her off into the countryside. What can the fellow be thinking!

It's up to La Petite Four to discover whether Lord Robert has something more up his sleeve other than a nicely muscled arm.

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Here's what others are saying about La Petite Four:

Teens Read Too"I really just cannot get over how good this book is! I urge you all to scurry to your closest book provider and pick up a copy of La Petite Four, as it is . . . AMAZING!!!" Awarded the site's Gold Star for Excellence and a place in the Hall of Fame!
The Book Vault"I loved the mystery and romance in this novel! I was hooked from the first page to the last, and the best part was, this book was not overly obvious, so I was right there with Emily and her friends as they tried to solve the mystery surrounding Lord Robert! A wonderful book with a simple, but sweet cover! A great historical fiction novel that even those who aren?t fans of historical fiction will surely enjoy! I look forward to reading more from author Regina Scott!" Awarded 9.92 out of 10.
School Library Journal"The language is often poetic, with words such as 'reticule' and 'puce' and old-fashioned phrases like 'havey cavey.' An excellent choice for fans of Anna Godbersen's Luxe series."
The Chicago Tribune"La Petite Four is a charming, expertly crafted traditional Regency romance."
Once Upon a Bookshelf"Oh, James Cropper, you are my perfect fictional crush. I would spend the rest of the entry gushing about you, but really . . . words don?t do it justice. I shall just have to repeat that you are my perfect fictional crush. Really."
Stephanie's Written Word"The four girls are all wonderfully over-dramatic, as teenagers often are, and have such distinct personalities that it makes reading La Petite Four lots of fun. There is a bit of mystery, a little action, and enough humor to keep the pages turning quickly. The ending wraps up nicely, and I wouldn't be surprised if La Petite Four one day ended up in a second novel (or at least I hope they do)!"
YA Author Amanda Hubbard"Two thumbs up from me. If you're looking for a great historical YA with one of the prettiest covers I've ever seen, pick this one up!"
Genre Go Round Reviews"This first of four tales is a terrific young adult Regency romantic suspense tales starring fully developed characters . . . Regency fans of all ages will appreciate the opening salvo with three petite females storming high society to follow."
The Story Siren "This was a great read! I love historical fiction and La Petite Four is a wonderful addition to the genre! Regina Scott is an awesome writer! I really enjoyed this book and I hope she continues with books for Young Adults. La Petite Four has a little bit of everything; mystery, suspense, romance and of course really beautiful dresses! The plot is interesting and captivating." She awarded the book 5 stars out of 5 and "great read status"!
And Another Book Read""It's hard to express the way I felt about this book in one word, but I'll try. This book is AMAZING! Actually, the book is more than amazing, it?s fantastic, superior, radiant, and any other synonym you can think of! ? now can you tell how much I loved this book?!"
Romantic Times Book Reviews"Readers will love feisty Lady Emily and her merry band." Awarded 4 stars out of 5
Jane Bowers at Romance Reviews Today
"I highly recommend La Petite Four as a Regency romp par excellence."
Sophie at "Couture's Fashionable Reads""With clever plot twists, spying, and debonair courtiers, this book will keep you reading to the end!"