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Thank you for reading my books! Your e-mail messages and blog and Facebook comments warm my heart. When you take the time to post a review on reader sites like Goodreads or retailer sites like Amazon or Barnes and Noble, you help others find my books as well. Please accept this special reader bonus for your kindness.

For Christmas 2014, click here for a list of more than 60 Christmas historical romances, courtesy of the Historical Romance Network, of which I am a member. The list is sorted by era, title, and heat level, so you can find exactly what you're looking for. Enjoy!

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Looking for Past Bonuses?

Click here for a short online story connected with my humorous romantic mystery series, The Lady Emily Capers. Master Thief is set between Art and Artifice and Ballrooms and Blackmail.

Click here to read a short online story featuring Peter Quimby, the charming valet from The Wife Campaign.

Click here to read the collected sayings of that master of etiquette, Lord Pompadour Snedley, most recently featured in my humorous romantic mystery, Art and Artifice.

Click here for a short online Easter story about the Everard family, set between The Captain's Courtship and The Rake's Redemption.

Click here to download a short book of old family recipes from Love Inspired Historical authors like me.